Thursday, September 26, 2013

Suing A Pharmaceutical Company

Have you ever suffered from a side effect when taking prescription drugs? Has it had an affect on your life? Prescription drugs are often presented to us as a medical solution when 9 times out of 10 its merely a means to ease the pain, like putting a band-aid. Should we not question if this drug that the doctor prescribes us is really worth taking? Doctors, nurses, pharmacists are people we trust. They typically don't mean any harm yet are human and can make mistakes.

 Pharmaceutical companies are put through vigorous safety laws and inspections to prevent mishaps. Great yet were still talking drugs here and the side affects are unmeasurable! The Global Pharmaceutical Market is approaching 400 billion dollars per year in sales they defiantly don't have everything in control. They make mistakes and those mistakes are what cost them money. Pharmaceutical company s can't afford to have the media getting involved. So when you have a good case against them its in their best interest to settle quietly and keep selling drugs!

Here are a few thing to do if you or a loved one was a victim from these billion dollar drug companies.

  • Consult a qualified personal injury lawyer firm
  • Keep all records of side effect including pictures and medical reports
  • Do not discuss details with anyone
Suing a negligent- pharmaceutical company is not a far fetched thing. Do your due dilagence and find a good Lawyer

Friday, September 20, 2013

5 Things to do if you were in a motor vehicle accident!

  1. Never disclose your negligence to anyone. If you did something you were not supposed to keep it to yourself.! Omitting is not a crime.It is very crucial to not admit any faut to police witnesses or doctors since these people will be writing reports about this event. Let them come to a conclusion by there own facts
  2. Go directly to the hospital even if you may feel fine. Let the medical professional assess if the has been any injury since this is their job!! Do not wait till the next day many cases get disqualified from delaying medical opinions. For example if you waited 3 days to see a doctor you could not of been in that much pain! Take photos of injuries right away the will only heal more and more each day! Do not procrastinate with your pics it will be the most convincing evidence you will have in front of a judge.
  3. Keep all documents and records from police, doctor, witnesses and anyone else that has been involved with the accident.
  4. Make sure to do everything asked by the insurance company, police and Doctors. Appointments must be respected at all times. If you don't take these actions seriously neither will the judge!
  5. CHOSE THE RIGHT LAWYER! Chosing the right lawyer is also crucial. You want a lawyer with a proven track record. Your lawyer must have a great reputation in winning personal injury cases. A criminal lawyer that your brother knows will not be a good avenue for this one! A good lawyer will not charge you a penny if he can not win, and only collect if you collect. Click here to consult with a lawyer now!
No one gets up in the morning and says I think I will hurt myself today to make some extra money, but getting hurt by someones own negligince intitles you to get payed! So contact a Personal Injury Lawyer today!